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Our customers are at the heart of what we do:
  • Continuous optimization of labside and chairside workflows
  • Wide selection of labside and chairside products
  • Practical hands-on courses and webinars for dental technicians and dentists
  • Consistent research and development in complete and partial denture prosthetics including the lates technologies
  • International presence

Smoothly running processes Teamwork is pivotal to success

Success in denture prosthetics is based on the collaboration between dentist and dental technician. The BPS concept is designed to optimize the efficiency and accuracy of the individual process steps in the dental practice and laboratory. Emphasis is placed on the quality of the patient-specific data as a basis for designing the dentures. The right products help you achieve this.
The BPS concept:

Products you can trust For each step

Value and individuality are important to us. Our focus is on denture prosthetics that provide a high level of reliability and customization. We offer a wide range of products for dental technicians and dentists to facilitate their work in the laboratory and practice.

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Here you will see a host of information about removable denture prosthetics. You can find forms and brochures to facilitate the communication with patients and between dentist and dental technician and you can download manuals for the safe use of the procedures.

Learn more about the topic of removable dentures

These blog posts contain a wide variety of additional information about removable denture prosthetics.

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Practical tips: Clean dentures last longer

Some of your patients are most probably denture wearers. In this case, you will be aware of the fact that personal oral hygiene plays a key role in ensuring the good co...

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Dry mouth: concerns to consider

Many seniors suffer from dryness in the mouth (xerostomia). The application of fluoride-containing products is important for protection against caries.

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When more than tooth brushing is needed: Intensive oral hygiene with CHX

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